The Schobeli Group

Construction projects are often very comprehensive and complex. Therefore, a high level of expertise of the partners involved is indispensable. We are specialists for metal and steel structures as well as for surface repairs in industry and commerce. Our team of experts makes even what at first appears to be insoluble possible.

About the Schobeli Group

In the more than 20 years that the Schobeli Group has been in existence, we have implemented more than 400 projects throughout Europe. Our services are very diverse and focused on a long-term solution. Starting with the general project management up to the complete assembly and construction supervision, our customers receive a complete solution for their particular concern. Our 24-7 service is on site quickly at all times – throughout Europe. This means that we are also available to assist you with maintenance and repairs after the actual order has been completed. With our Smart Repair process, we repair surface damage invisibly and comparatively inexpensively. Through intensive cooperation with our partners and suppliers worldwide, we always make use of the latest technical knowledge and the most modern materials.

We invest in your future – with constructions thought out for the long term, with competent craftsmen and with cost-effective repair solutions.

SCHOBELI Deutschland GmbH

Pampower Str. 2,
D-19075 Holthusen


Schottenfeldgasse 6/30,
A-1070 Wien


Cintorínska 2702/13
SK – 921 01 Piešťany


ul. Króla Augusta 44a
PL – 35-210 Rzeszów


Halytska street, 67, office 705
UA – 76018 Ivano-Frankivsk


Respublikanskaya d.78/9 office 18
RU-150 00 Yaroslavl


Móri utca 106
HU-8000 Székesfehérvár

Your contacts

Dalibor Scholaster

Managing Director

Kamil Scholaster

Panel building

Marek Ladzianský

Construction Manager | Steel and metal construction

Stefan Stippich

Authorised Signatory

Lucia Toth

Office Manager

Our service areas

We realize steel and metal constructions in trade and industry. With our own assembly department and by taking over the entire project management, you will receive high quality solutions from us in a short time. Even after the end of the order, we are quickly at your site for maintenance work or in case of damage.

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Dalibor Scholaster Schobeli Gruppe
Dalibor Scholaster, Managing Director